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Our easy customization process allows you to create stylish, one-of-a-kind neon pieces tailored to your unique vision – whether for home, business, weddings, or special occasions. Experience unparalleled quality with a personalized neon service that illuminates your space like never before.


No Cost, Just Creativity: Free Design and Quote

Our easy-to-use custom design service allows you to upload your logo, product photos or any desired business imagery, which we will 'neon-ify' into a stylish LED masterpiece.


What Our Customers Say

Tyrone M's testimonial image showing a custom gold LED neon sign with an anchor design in a business window display. The bright lighted LED sign grabs customers' attention and helps improve foot traffic to the store.

Tyrone M

"You guys are amazing. Looks great by the way."

Laura S's testimonial image featuring Laura and her partner in front of a custom wedding LED neon sign that reads 'You & Me Always,' celebrating their engagement party.

Laura S

"Just wanted to let you know that my sign arrived safe and sound, and it’s more perfect than I imagined! I cannot wait to take some amazing photos with it. After my engagement party, the neon will be used at my wedding, and then it will be hung in our bedroom. I’m beyond excited!"

MU Kat's testimonial image with a pink LED neon sign that reads 'All you need is love Makeup,' creating a vibrant and sassy ambiance in a hair studio. The sign adds a playful and chic touch, making it a perfect addition to the space.

MU Kat

"Its perfect exactly what I wanted 🥰 everyone keeps asking about it!"

Sam L's testimonial image showing a custom LED neon sign of a daikon in green and white, created from his hand drawing. Sam is posing happily next to the sign.

Sam L

Masterchef NZ

"My terrible hand drawing of a daikon turned into a neon sign is up. Thanks for getting this made."

Sunga L's testimonial image with a vibrant LED neon sign that reads 'Seoul Fry' in red and blue, perfectly fitting the ambiance of a Korean fried chicken restaurant. The sign adds a lively and inviting touch, reflecting the excellent service and quick turnaround time received.

Sunga L

"Hi There, I just thought I'd leave you some positive feedback! Thank you so much for your friendly service, quick turnaround and amazing pricing. The sign turned out great and we absolutely love it! I can't recommend you guys enough. Here's a photo of the glorious sign 😍"

Laur H's testimonial image with a red LED neon sign in the shape of a Nissan racecar. The sign looks awesome and has been a beloved gift, perfect for car enthusiasts and adding a dynamic and cool vibe to the space.

Laur H

"Hi, I have received my order in the mail, it looks awesome, we love it heaps! Thank you so so much 🙂he loves it, was a belated 1 year anniversary prezzie..."

Fran S's testimonial image with a pink LED neon sign that reads 'Feed Me Tacos and Call Me Pretty,' adding a quirky and lively touch to an emerald green wall. The sign transforms the space, highlighting how color can change the feel of a home.

Fran S

"Definitely still obssessed by my emerald green wall and now I have my neon on it I'm even more in love with it. I love how a colour can totally change the feel of a home."

Rob O's testimonial image with a pink LED neon sign shaped like a little friendly ghost, creating a fun and charming atmosphere. The sign is well-built with modular wiring and mounting components, making it a fantastic and well-received gift.

Rob O

"A group of our friends got together and ordered my partner the Little Cute Ghost Neon light sign you sell. It's been awesome so far, looks fantastic and very well built. I love how modular and well designed all the wiring and mounting components are. All in all, a fantastic gift."

LED Neon Lights For Any Occasion

At PyroGlyphix, we create top-quality, durable neon signs with a vibrant glow, custom-made to meet your highest expectations. Design your dream sign with us!

Neon Sign - Custom made for Fiona's Bistro with yellow & red accent glow.
Zac & Cait Neon Sign was created for their beautiful wedding. We opted for Cut To Shape backing which emphasises on the words with minimal interference. They had chosen warm white as their colour choice with a classy font.
custom dog neon sign in orange and white with Jett's Bar name in it
Paradise Neon Light - Custom Logo created for customer in gold coast for a restaurant & bar.
The Original Let's Get Juicy Neon Sign. Outstanding art made by our technician and sign was crafted with 8mm thick led full thickness tubing and cut around acrylic backing. Sign was made in Aurora Purple Color.
La Vie En Rose Rose Purple Colored Neon Sign. Goes perfectly for a high end wedding as a venue decoration and also a talking point for guests and great for instagram or facebook photos. Romantic Neon Sign.
This was a personal quote made into a Led Sign. We can literally make anything into a luminous sign.
You & Me Always Custom LED neon sign. Cheap & Affordable sign for your wedding. Make your event pop, with this beautiful personalised light with a special meaning to you and your partner. Neonlightsigns is the place to shop for wedding neon sign.
Photo of a LED Neon sign saying
The beauty concept was made for a make up artist's studio. This customised pink neon light sign was beautifully handmade to our customer's design with cut to shape acrylic backing. We also accept afterpay orders for all orders within australia.
Josh&Matt Putting Up Their Custom Neon Signs on the wall in floral shape design
Photo of a LED Neon sign saying
Custom Neon Sign made for koa the label - Australian fashion brand - in iconic light blue colour
Custom LED Sign created for a wedding event function in dandenong in victoria
Photo of a LED Neon sign saying

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