Easy Start Guide

Watch the quick guide video on how to use the Editor.

The key editing features are summarized below the video.

Editing Features

Images - Neon Icons
Neon icons are grouped into themes within the "Images" menu item. See Icon Guide for reference.

Select a text font and type into the text field. See Font Guide for full range.

Product Variations
Retain your artwork as you select a different size of the same base shape.

Save Design - My Saved Designs Folder
Save designs into folder by clicking the "Save Design" button.
Select an element and duplicate by clicking the button.

Flip - Horizontal or Vertical
Any element can flipped horizontally or vertically by selecting either option.

Bring Forward - Send Backward
In the example, you can see how the setting sun is selected and "sent backward."
Twist and Turn

  • Click on any text or image element to make it active.
  • You can twist/turn the element for it to take any angle.

Minimum Icon Size

Please take care to ensure the icon remains at least 7.2" wide by referring to the measure at the top centre.
Change Element Colours
  • Click on element to make active
    Select a new colour within the colour picker and click "Update Image"
  • Click on a colour to open the colour picker
  • Image editor appears
  • Each colour in the element is recognized in the "Colour" tab
Curved Text Feature
  • Click on text element to make active
  • Text editor opens
  • Click on "Curved" - a dotted line appears that has clear "dots"
  • Dots are on each end and centre
  • Click on a dot to curve the text - up or down
Add More Text
  • Either click on the "Add more text" button at the bottom of the text editor, or
  • Click onto empty space within the design and type into the text box
Vertical Text Effect Tip
  • In the "Text" box, take a new line with each letter of a word.
Separate Colored Letters Tip
  • Create a new text element with each letter for a separate color per letter.
  • Share your design with friends!

Save Design
  • If you want to save your design to come back to later, ensure that you don't clear your computer's cache.

Check Out
  • Click "Add to Cart" to go to check out page.