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Custom LED Neon Sign Gallery

Brookleigh warm white neon sign wall mounted. Complimentary wall standoff mounts to install the beautiful neon light.

Neon White & Warm White

LED Neon Sign Colour
Custom neon sign cheap for sale, happily ever after neon sign. Design online with our interactive tool  for text based custom neon lights sign. This sign is perfect for weddings and engagement with a beautiful custom design.
Girl in the bandana led neon sign. This special neon sign was made for a photographer for her business and office decoration. Neon light signs neon signs are perfect for personal branding. Buy neon signs online from us and receive free delivery.
You & Me Always Custom LED neon sign. Cheap & Affordable sign for your wedding. Make your event pop, with this beautiful personalised light with a special meaning to you and your partner. Neonlightsigns is the place to shop for wedding neon sign.
Donut kill my vibe neon sign was made for a client in brisbane. Custom neon signs brisbane is our specialty as well as complimentary free shipping to your house via our trusted courier. This sign was made for a beautiful cafe & restaurant.
Pure White neon sign that says botany by the bay - custom made for our nursery client based in Golden Bay, Western Australia. A personalised custom neon light crucial for your business visibility and most especially for a brick and mortar store.
Michael & Emma white led sign that was customised for a special engagement event in Melbourne. We created this sign for a special evening decoration which was easy to hang and affordable for the couple's special wedding day.  Simple and minimalistic look.
Studio soleil was a custom sign made for a hair stylist company as an advertising sign for her social media presence and business logo branding. She was very happy with the large sized sign we created that had acrylic backing cut to shape to the letters.
House of SA was a custom neon light sign made for a customer based in New Zealand. She designed the sign via our online create your neon tool. The personalised sign was delivered to NZ via DHL Courier at a flat rate of $55. We ship signs to NZ too.

Neon Yellow / Gold Yellow

LED Neon Sign Colour
This custom sign was made for a specialty retail store based in Melbourne. Our customer has increased her store front visibility significantly with the attractive yellow neon sign. The acrylic sign was hung as window display for her retail store.
painted lady in custom font neon. we made this in gold neon colour with a specially made light up text. This neon lighted sign was about 1m in total length.
Pegleg customised their neon sign via upload your logo tool on neonlightsigns website to create this amazing business logo. We use premium led flex tubing for all of our neon signs which sit on premium acrylic backing and low power consumption.
The Gatsby inspired light up logo created. Custom neon au is our specialty and we produce. We sent this custom neon sign to a client based in Sydney, New South Wales. Cheap prices but with premium quality led tubing on 7mm acrylic backing.
Yellow neon double lined led sign was made for a restaurant, a delicatessen. Neonlightsigns proudly create the best custom neon sign in australia with attention to detail and easy to customise online with the create own neon sign tool.

Neon Light Pink

LED Neon Sign Colour
This was a neon gift for a customer's friend. Take care was made with coutoured backing and easy plug in to use. Our neon signs come with SAA approval to be used in Australia and New Zealand.
Take me higher pink neon, premium script cursive font no.4. Tall neon sign with cut to shape 7mm acrylic thick backing.
The beauty concept was made for a make up artist's studio. This customised pink neon light sign was beautifully handmade to our customer's design with cut to shape acrylic backing. We also accept afterpay orders for all orders within australia.
Skin beauty studio neon sign we made. Made to order to custom design, and was very affordable to our retail client. She paid with Paypal which had good buyer protection. Shop the best custom led signs australia at neonlightsigns today.
R&S logo was made for business and also was used as a wedding centerpiece. This business logo was bespoke designed by their friend and submitted to us to create. The neon sign format was quite large over 1m total width and also in height.

Neon Rose Purple

LED Neon Sign Colour
La Vie En Rose Rose Purple Colored Neon Sign. Goes perfectly for a high end wedding as a venue decoration and also a talking point for guests and great for instagram or facebook photos. Romantic Neon Sign.
This was a personal quote made into a Led Sign. We can literally make anything into a luminous sign.
This Sign was made based on a graphic image sent to us to make into a neon light. Smiley Face was created with 10mm Thick Led Flex tubing with cut around backing. Your sign will come ready to hang. Just plug in and light up your space.
Neon Sign made for a Lash & Beauty Company . Neon Logo Signage for branding and shop display.
Chris & Shiv is a neon sign handcrafted for a wedding reception. Made in rose purple colour, the alluring neon sign is bound to get great comments from the wedding / engagement party guests.

Neon Aurora Purple

LED Neon Sign Colour
Untamed hearts club neon sign, for a customer in gold coast / brisbane. This sign features both light pink love heart and aurora purple nicely with a contrast.
Large 21st birthday neon sign. Customised for Rettah in beautiful script font.
Inspirational quote neon sign. Be you tiful to remind yourself and displayed in the bedroom.
Together is a beautiful place to be neon sign. We made this for a wedding in Melbourne.
The Original Let's Get Juicy Neon Sign. Outstanding art made by our technician and sign was crafted with 8mm thick led full thickness tubing and cut around acrylic backing. Sign was made in Aurora Purple Color.
Welcome to the jungle neon sign was made for a customer based in sydney. We included free delivery to her.

Neon Red

LED Neon Sign Colour
Reptile Room neon sign
Say it brighter in illuminated led sign, featuring the glorious red colour.
Real love is rare led sign for a restaurant and pub. Highly recommended neon sign for a steak joint.
karma neon light. Inspirational quote turned neon.
illuminated logo sign in neon red. Perfect for business with low energy consumption and cheap to run 24/7.
Neon sign for gym. Just one more is a motivational sign for workouts.

Neon Green

LED Neon Sign Colour
luminous green sign with a playstation controller in neon.
Business and company neon signage. Single colour tubing.
Facebeatbynaite customised led neon sign in apple green made for a make up studio based in Victoria.
Customised Neon Sign & Personalised To Your Design. Free Delivery Within Australia. Design Online With Neon Light Signs Interactive Creative Tool. Shop Online For Wedding Neons or For Business Logo Neon Signage. Get Lit with Instagram Worthy Neon Lights.

Neon Light Blue / Baby Blue

LED Neon Sign Colour

Neon Electric Blue

LED Neon Sign Colour
Babe you look so cool in electric blue neon sign. Double lined tubing for 3d effect.
Distillery & Bar logo lighted up. Rectangular acrylic backing with a deep blue neon light effect.
spice up your bar with this drink tickers neon sign. deep blue suitable for dark venues and events for ambient lighting.
Waterproof neon sign made for the outdoors. We seal the tubing with silicone to create a water tight lighting for gardens or exterior display.

Neon Orange & Miscellaneous

LED Neon Sign Colour
Bright Orange Neon Sign for business logo window display. Made to Order with customer's logo design.
Personalized quote saying shy bairns get nowt. Motivational quote in neon for your bedroom or living room.
This was customised neon from a drawing made by our client. This woman in LED neon was handcrafted over quite a few hours. The neon colours contrasts well in the dark and economical to run for her window display at her retail store.
Neonlightsigns is where to buy your neon sign. We are a supplier for led flex neon signs suitable for cafes, restaurants and even convenience stores. Decorate your bar, office or any event with a wow factor.
One of the more complicated neon sign we did for a basketball court. The basketball neon sign comprised of neon blue, neon pink, neon orange and base white.
Astronaut in the ocean neon sign. Custom made to graphic design.
Aqua, Orange, Rose Purple & Blue hands neon sign.
Astronaut colourful neon lighted sign in four different colours.
Epic Peacock neon effect sign with beautiful tail